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Mission Statement

Polluted Seas

We as the human race need to change to a sustainable lifestyle. Oceans are being filled with garbage and waste; killing our sea life. Pollution is filling our air. We are cutting down our forests, causing thousands of animal species to lose their homes. Our green house gases are melting the ice caps and bleaching our coral reefs.

Many companies have emerged with the mission to reverse the damage that as a whole we have caused. These companies are creating Eco friendly alternative products to reduce our waste and lessen the toll on our planet.

Our mission, at Green Terra Sphere,  is to create an easy, all in one stop shop of these Eco and sustainable products. By providing honest and trustworthy reviews, and an easy way to shop and find these products, our hope is that these products can find their way into as many homes as possible.

“The steps you take don’t have to be big, they just need to take you in the right direction.” – Jemma Simmons. Each and every product found on Green Terra Sphere is a small step to a cleaner and healthier tomorrow.

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