Cotton Swabs

Disposable Cotton Swabs wreak havoc on our environment. They pollute our oceans, fill our landfills, and take valuable resources. Over 1.5 million cotton swabs are produced every day. While the number is large it is often over looked due to the size of a simple cotton swab, this is not all the is over looked. The products to make these little guys take up resources; such as land, trees, cotton, water and more. They are created in factories that use fossil fuel causing more harm to our environment. Switching to a reusable cotton swab is a wonderful way to live a more environmentally friendly life.


These reusable cotton swabs by Ruitey work perfectly for any home. They work just as well or better than the typical disposable cotton swab when it comes to cleaning, make up, travel, wound treatment and more. The only negative about these is their ability to remove ear wax. They worked wonderfully to remove any liquid in the ear canal so paired with a wax removal tool these are the perfect replacement for disposable cotton swabs. They come in a dust proof case so you never have to worry about them getting dirty while you travel. They are also super easy to clean, making them ideal for a reusable and sustainable product.

ECO Choice

These cotton swabs work such as well as the typical disposable cotton swabs found in any market, this is because they are also a disposable cotton swab, a single use and they are in the trash. The big seller is that they are biodegradable. There packaging is also made from recycled material and can be recycled again. If one does not like the reusable cotton swab would be a much more environmentally healthy option rather than typical cotton swabs. The only reason they arent a 5 star prodcuts is because they still are disposable cotton swabs. 


This ear wax removal kit come with 6 tools to help clean your ears. Out of all the cotton swab these remove the wax in the safest and best way possible. If someone uses cotton swab manly for ear wax removal this is the tool for them. It does not work for other cotton swab purposes such as cleaning and make up. For those task I would recommend the reusable cotton swab.