Our mission to help get sustainable products into every possible home! Sustainable, eco friendly products are out there, and they make a huge difference to our world. However many don’t know about these products and don’t know where to find these amazing products, this is where we come in! 


Here at you will find hundreds of products that are Eco-friendly, sustainable and perfect for any home. These products will be specifically categorized making it easy to find products for anyone. Included on Green Terra Sphere will be a helpful review page of products making it easy to know exactly what you are purchasing. On top of hundreds of great products if you sign up for the newsletter each month you will receive fun reduce, reuse, recycle projects and tips.


 We are looking to try out as many brands as possible to be sponsored on our review page. All products sent to us will have a dedicated four post (minimum) on all of our media site such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Reddit. The brands that we find have the best Eco Friendly products  will be sponsored in our monthly news letter as well. The goal is to help consumers easily find Eco friendly products.